30th Oct 2013, 3:28 AM Gallery update!

I updated my gallery with 9 "new" drawings. I also added a rather empty fanwork section to go along with it, so if you have any fanpieces you wanna send me, please don't hesitate to drop me an email or submit your work to me on tumblr!

My next project is to revamp the cast page because it's already looking pitiful and outdated. Hopefully I'll get that up to speed by the time the next update rolls around on 11/06!

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comments powered by Disqus 16th May 2013, 7:11 PM I'm alive!

I'm really sorry for the recent one month disappearance! Some things in real life came up and it has taken me a while to calm back down and get my artsy mojo back.


But anyway, the good news is I will have a new strip uploaded tonight! :D Keep an eye out!


Also, some other good news: I'll be keeping this blog updated as much as possible between comic strips so I can alert you of any new doodles/drawings in my gallery! I do love to doodle Aza and friends a lot in my free time, so I thought I'd share as much as I could when I'm not finished with actual comic strips.


Thank you! (and thanks to everyone for reading and looking at my work!)

-- Latte

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