20th May 2013, 2:12 AM i made a blinking thing

comments powered by Disqus 16th May 2013, 7:11 PM I'm alive!

I'm really sorry for the recent one month disappearance! Some things in real life came up and it has taken me a while to calm back down and get my artsy mojo back.


But anyway, the good news is I will have a new strip uploaded tonight! :D Keep an eye out!


Also, some other good news: I'll be keeping this blog updated as much as possible between comic strips so I can alert you of any new doodles/drawings in my gallery! I do love to doodle Aza and friends a lot in my free time, so I thought I'd share as much as I could when I'm not finished with actual comic strips.


Thank you! (and thanks to everyone for reading and looking at my work!)

-- Latte

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