An exuberant  young adult demon whose priorities consist of fun, games, and work-- in that order. Before holding his current job as the royal castle accountant, he resided in his coastal village near the sea of the demon realm with his best friend, Numair. He's overdramatic, and at times he can be a bit of a dunce. He's energetic, optimistic, and is always putting fun before more important matters. Although he is easily bored by his job, he loves working for the king and still tries his very hardest to do a job well-done in the end to please him.


He is the second oldest of the trio. He has a strong disliking for his name ("Ugh, it's so common!") and so he prefers to simply be called Aza.





The youngest of the trio, Numair is a kindhearted and soft-spoken demon. He works alongside his best friend, Azazel, as the castle supplier. He originates from the desert, but later ended up living near the coast with Aza after befriending him at an inland market. He is somewhat socially awkward and slightly insecure, but he isn't afraid to stand up for himself by any means necessary if he feels threatened or betrayed. He cannot stand conflict and wants more than anything to make others happy and usually goes out of his way to do so.


Numair was abandaned at a young age and grew up homeless until Azazel came along.





Aashiq is the oldest of the trio and works in the castle as the royal professor to Numair and Azazel (as well as other younger demons working under the king). He takes his job and studies seriously and hates to be bothered. (All the while, Azazel carelessly does everything in his power to bother him whenever he gets the chance.) Before his job, he resided in the volcanically active mountain range of the demon world. He prefers to keep to himself, but is usually caught up with antics brought about by Aza and Numair. Although he comes off as headstrong and insensitive, he cares a lot about his students, but would never admit to it.